Dual extruder setup - x2 motor thinks home is (0,0)

I am building an independent x carriage 3D printer and I almost have it working, but I'm stumped on a homing problem. Both extruders home perfectly (x1 goes to minimum and x2 goes to maximum) but when I control the motors with Repetier-host, the x2 motor says its position is at 0,0, so it won't move to the left when I tell it to. I can send it a gcode to move to the right so that the position changes but then when I switch extruders it crashes with the other carriage because it's trying to go to what it thinks is (0,0). How can I define in the firmware that the x2 home position is actually at xmax?


  • For dual extruder the x offset defines distance from origin, so e0 has negative offset, e1 a big positive x offset. Remember in eeorom offsets are in steps per mm,
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