Placement of objects on bed is WRONG

I've been 3dprinting for a couple of years pretty regular and have used about every piece of software out there.  I was using octoprint server for a while for both of my printers but it was way too unreliable and I figured out it was causing prints to fail (confirmed by printing the same from a card successfully).  I wanted to try repetier server and everything seems to work fine BUT the objects are never where they should be on the bed even if they look correct in 2D preview on the server and preview on the host.

What is the point of a preview if it means nothing?  I've seen this kind of thing before when I entered bed dimensions wrong but that's not it.  There are 2 places in the server to change bed dimensions, one in the host and usually one in the slicer you choose.  I got so frustrated that I started changing bed dimensions, start position, left/front etc by large numbers just to see which one moved the actual print.  NONE OF THEM DID.  I spent a week watching videos and reading how tos and 3 days trying every value change I could think of just to get it to move a little.  Nothing.  What is the point of having settings if they have no effect on the actual print outcome? 

I wanted to like this software but if I can't get my objects to physically print on the center of the bed then it is useless, especially when I try large objects because they crash off the side of the bed.  

What settings are supposed to change the placement of the object on the bed?  Not the preview on the host or the preview on the server as they have no relation to the actual placement on the bed.

I am using host 2.13 and server 0.90.0 Vishnu-28.



  • Thepreview shows exactly where the print gets out. Note the fat dot which is origin and each line are 10mm. Of course bed size AND position must matchwhat firmware thinks. So if your bed center is 0,0 then x and y min must be negative or everything is shifted.

    positin where slicers position it normally match the host position. Here again bed position matters and must match firmware.
  • It does match firmware.  I get the little green circles in the server setup that shows that it matches but it does not print out even close to where it shows in the preview.  The 0,0 origin shows on the front corner just like it should.  even then I tried putting large negative and positive values in for X and Y min just to see if I could make the item move on the bed.  Nope.  Always prints in the same place

    You need a guide somewhere that shows how to setup a bed in your software.  In my case, I don't think it will matter because none of the control settings have any affect on where the item prints. 

    Something is seriously wrong.  I had no trouble getting my objects to center using Cura, slicr, mattercontrol, craftware and probably a couple others directly wired to my printer.  I didn't have a problem centering with octoprint or astroprint.  They had problems so I was looking for something better.

    When I change virtually every setting in the Server, Host and slicer that deal with bed dimensions or placement and the object never budges, something is seriously wrong.

    Back to SD cards for now.

  • OK I finally have it working right.

    I tried uninstall and reinstalling the host and server and it still didn't work right.

    I was uninstalling Repetier host just to get it off my system and I noticed it wasn't removing the program directory or contents when I uninstalled.  It seemed to uninstall fine but everything was still there and it even let me run it by double clicking the repetierhost.exe.  

    I deleted everything by hand and then reinstalled.  Now everything lines up exactly where it should on the bed.

    No idea why it was stranding that or what was wrong with it but all is good now.
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