Autoleveling used for PCB milling

Hello I try to use the Autoleveling for corrting the PCD level he do not work.

I will try to give you all the detail if somone can support me

I go to a position where I put a tool for the PCB
G1 X260 Y270 F1000

After I surch the 0 material
G30 P0 => give a value
G1 Z"the value" F100

After I put the Zero machine at this point "X260 Y270 Zxxxx"
G92 X0 Y0 Z0

I go up 1mm and start a heigt map in the tool with a matrix
Xmin 0
Ymin 0
Xmax 85
Ymax 50
X point 8
Y point 5

It give me this matrix

X:                 0,00        12,14      24,29      36,43      48,57      60,71      72,86      85,00
y:    50,00    100,42    100,38    100,38    100,39    100,40    100,42    100,43    100,43
y:    37,50    100,42    100,40    100,39    100,40    100,40    100,41    100,43    100,42
y:    25,00    100,42    100,40    100,39    100,40    100,40    100,41    100,42    100,42
y:    12,50    100,43    100,40    100,38    100,39    100,39    100,41    100,44    100,45
y:    0,00      100,42    100,39    100,37    100,37    100,37    100,40    100,45    100,50

so after I want to correct with G32 but

When I enter the Gcode:
M557 X0:85 Y0:50 S10
an error is comming out

01:03:51.819 : N5 M557 X0 Y0 S10*82
01:03:51.819 : Unknown command:N5 M557  X0.00 Y0.00 S10

If I enter G32 the leveling start from the homing of the CNC and not from the G92 X0 Y0 Z 0 that I deffined

I have see that: "RepRapFirmware executes macro file bed.g if present instead of using the M557 coordinates."
How it works ????

Please can you help me to enter the correction using G33 S0 or S1 (I do not want to store it in the EEPROM or maybe if there is a good reason for)

My frimware configuration is



  • This is my configuration

    I rename it in .txt to load it. it need to change it in .h to read it

  • Set Fc and Rc to 100. eeprom make no sense if you needto redo it every time again, but it would reduce ram usage. But at that size this is no issue. Area must fit the pcb or you measure pcb and no pcb and that would be bad.
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