how to extrude filiment along an axis?

one if the issues with a large scale printer is that some issues cant be seen until i print something large as programed to print from the center out say 180 x180 (my print area is about 360x360x 900 Z

When i print something long and thin like the monarch glider or wind turbine blade the material goes from normal depth to thin on the platform when moving x positive (platform is 600x600) so the platform is coming up as it moves from 180 to 300 ie the surface is too high (look at my avatar)

would like to print a line of filament while moving say from Y=50 out and X= zero to 320 extruding a line of Filament then maybe move out another 50 and print another line of filament say at a depth of 1mm example plus being extruded  my print head at z=2mm from plate at home.

i can do manual moves ie g1 x 50-360 etc
but how do you combine (macro) the movement X&Y and print X with a line of  filament from point zero to say position 360?
no prox or 3 headed extruder yet as i wanted to figure out some of the minor issues
also no heatbed or sides only printing PLA at this time


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