Zonestar Z5M2 config problems

Hello Everybody.

Sorry for my question(s), but i'm pretty new with the Repetier Firmware.

My kids bought me a second 3D printer for my birthday!!
It's a Zonestar Z5M2 with a dual mixed extruder, with a auto level bed Probe, and 2 FROD's.
It's a nice printer, but i think the settings are not quit correct.
The biggest problem is, when i HOMED ALL, and i want to do a G29 probe, it starts in front of the bed... :( :(

How can i change that?

Or is there maybe someone who has the same printer, with these upgrades?
And has a config file, maybe????? :D

Thx in advance!


  • Sure you are using our firmware. Bed leveling is G32 with us. G29 is average height of the 3 probe points stored in eeprom. You can easily change then in our host/server eeprom editor.
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