I have tested the heating in the extruder and works ok,
However I have tested actual temperatures against the set ones. 
I have used a good electronic thermometer.

The bed will not reach 55 but will hover to 45.  The system would think the temperature is 55.
My thermometer shows a reading of around 45 degrees C

The extruder when set to 255 will reach only 230-235 and the display shows it is 255 while the actual temperature would be, according to my thermometer, 230-235.

I have type 1 sensors in the firmware...
Thanks for any leads.


  • All sensors have different resistance temperature curves, so it is important to have the right sensor. And second thing is that the position of your measurement differes, so differences are normal to some extend. If you do not know the real sensor type you can make your map or make your own temperature table in the config tool. At the end it is omly important to reach the right temperature so if bed is 10°C too low, just add 10 in the table. For filament you need to test optimal temperature anyway, but knowing real temp for set temp helps to find it faster.
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