homing extruder

I am attempted to home the extruder. The extruder in the device is being used to suck a fluid out of test tubes.  I am attempting to be able to send a G-Code or  hard code the firmware to allow me to home the extruder when homing the other axis. Any ideas on this complication as well as how to go about changing the actual code?



  • update:

    there is a switch on the extruder for endstop
  • There is no command/logic for homing extruders. We have a jam control which is the switch you might think is an end stop. That would at least stop extrusion after emptying the buffer.

    How is homing supposed to work here? I mean inverting the tube direction might return to a start position but how would that fill the tube.

    Anyway, I think the solution will lie in the extra stepper driver commands, see Drivers.h/Drivers.cpp. If you wait for end of moves with M400 you can use the same motor pins on the extruder motor and there is a stepper driver with endstop and homing function. So with that you can implement any kind of extra moves and they do not change the official extruder position - important if you do a pause for refilling so it continues correctly.
  • hi i make the configration but load to arduino failed the message "error Illegal homing order for z probe based homing!".Plase help.

  • okey okey i solved this problem thank you :)
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