Cold Extrusion With Laser

I am trying to create a printer using the ramps1.4 and arduino mega that uses a replistruder to extrude an SLA resin that is then cured by a laser once extruded.  Is there anyway to have both FFF and laser mode enabled at the same time to do this?   If I can get D09 to output 12V while cold extruding that would be great because I can connect the laser to D09 and use a voltage regulator to control the laser power.  I’ve tried in the past to post process gcode to output to D09 with M106 S255 when performing printing moves but I couldn’t turn the laser off once it was on.  Any advice or help would be appreciated, thank you.


  • No, the modes exclude each others. There is also only one memory slot to store a intensity. For printing it is the fan and for laser the laser intensity for the move.

    One solution might be to hack the G0/G1 command to enable fan on extrusion moves and connect a laser to the fan output. then use Fan 2 for fan function, also this means you have no fan control in slicers as they would use the normal fan that works as laser output now. So you should also block fan commands to fan 1 for safety reasons.
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