Heated bed does not report correct temperature

I'm using Repetier server free .90.1 Diana-39 with the velleman k8400 vertex 3d.  I have installed the heated bed and on my LCD I see the bed temperature and also when looking at the ACK of the G-codes it show correct too but it does not display in the GUI.

Here is the ACK:
20:11:43.758: ok T:24.2 /0.0 B:27.8 /0.0 T0:24.2 /0.0 T1:25.7 /0.0 @:0 B@:0

But under control it shows as 0C.

I also checked and it will turn on the bed when I set the temp above the reading from the ACK.  But repetier also does not keep the display of the setting.  When I go to a different page and come back it still reads a 0C with the target temp set to 0C.

To turn off the bed I have to set to a high temp and then set to 0 again.


  • The LCD where you see the bed temperature is that from the server on display on pi or a native printer lcd?

    If you say gui which do you mean as we have 2 - for printer touchscreen or normal webbrowser front end.

    Did you configure in printer settings in server that you have a heated bed. If you do not tell it to the server it will not be shown.

    I'm a bit confused as you say you don't see it and then can change it. i tested removing bed in server and it vanished in top and sidebar in control. 

    Or are you mixing here with host as you post in host with server question.

    Please clarify, as I'd like to remove the problem. But currently I can not produce it or do not understand when and where it happens.
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    Hi @Repetier I am actually seeing the same issue.  Basically I can set the temperature in the web ui, but the web never changes to match what the bed is set at.  I tried to attach screenshots but they won't upload.

  • You need to use dropbox/google drive or a free upload service to post pictures. Uploading to forum is not supported.

    What browser and version and OS are you using. Maybe there is a incompatibility. Using latest chrome, firefox or safari does at least work fine for me.
  • my issue is a little different.  I have a Solidoodle3.

    The heated bed control on the web gui shows 'undefined' and just 'C' it does not have a value.
    the funny thing is, the controls seem to work, if I turn the bed on and set the temp, the temp goes on and sets in Repetier-Host.  It just does not report back to the web gui.

    Extruder temp reporting and action works fine.
  • What does the solidoodle report on M105 for you in console with ack enabled? 
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