Powering Problem

I'm new with Raspberry Pi and Repetier server,
I've a Raspberry Pi 3 and Repetier Server is installed on, when i Power up the Printer it takes very long time to run, and some times it shows black screen without any thing displayed.
would you please help.


  • Please be more precise. Have no idea where what goes wrong and what you have done. Does the normal gui work or take long and go black or does the pi have a display? If yes, what kind an dis x server working and properly configured? Which image? There are many interconnected components and you need to say where you think to have which problem and what you have done.
  • I’m using the new raspberry pi image, i just got the pro version couple of days ago, when i connect the ras pi with the printer only it works but when i add the camera “microsoft web cam” and wifi dongle one of two is happening:
    1- takes very long time to start and then when trying any feature it gives black screen and needs to be restarted.


    2- takes very long time to start then it shows a black screen and can’t show the normal display

    I’m not profissional in repetier so i dont know what x server you are talking about plz give me a hint so i can look for it.
  • So everything is working fine until you add additional components to the pi, right.

    First, the pi 3 has wlan on board so adding a wifi stick is not required.

    The other problem is that the pi is very power sensitive. It should be powered with a good 5.1V power source. Linux disables e.g. usb devices if power goes below a treshhold. Bad for printing as this disconnects printer. If even the display goes black your power may be very worse.Didn't have this problem so far, but all devices you connect take power from the pi power.  So you have now these sources taking power:
    - Pi it self
    - Display
    - Webcam
    - Wifi
    - Printer if it connects without main power.

    That can easily be too much. That would also be the reason it works without some of them and not with them or unstable.
  • I removed the wifi dongle , and still have an unstable powering, i’m connecting:
    I think that this is reasonable items so what is the problem????????
  • when i remove the webcam everything works fine,
    i'm using microsoft Lifecam hd-3000
    please have a look on this cam and let me know.

  • We are not making the hardware. It is not our fault if a computer does not work with the wanted hardware. According to
    if should work. But that was without a display also using a good portion of power. So try with webcam and without display if it then works. If it does you know you need more power to the pi to work properly.

    Also it is often not good to send full hd webcam stream on a pi. Full hd is big and bandwidth is not that good over wifi. 640x480 is a good compromise and normally works well. This is around 25kb/picture.
  • how could i add more power to the pi, i'm using 5v usb charger "Like for the mobile phones"
  • Mobile phones do not use 3A while a pi3+ does wants that much also this depends on how much you connect and cpu usage. So be sure to use a goo done that also have thick wires. I have seen usb cables already reducing voltage < 5V from thin wires. Best use a USB power with 5.1V.
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