Host reads second nozzle at constant, incorrect temperature.

When attempting to use a second extruder, the second extruder displays a constant temperature of 100°C. Temperature can be adjusted manually from the board itself, but Repetier Host always displays a temp of 100.


  • In  addition, m105 will not return temperatures for either nozzle.
  • M105 responses are hidden by default. Enable ACK then you might see them.

    What firmware are you using and what is the M105 response? You can enable logging in host (Preferences->basic) and in any case you see the answer there.
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    M105 and ACK seem to display the correct values.

    For example, when heater 1 is set to 40C and heater 2 is disconnected: the return is

    13:28:49.924 : ok T:39.90 /40.00 B:-27.00 /0.00 T0:39.90 /40.00 T1:-27.00 /0.00 @:10 B@:0 @0:10 @1:0

    But the control panel still displays heater 2 as being at 100C.

    I'm using Marlin 1.1.6
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