Input-Validation on FW-Configuration tool


... because I just got bitten -again, some things refuse to stick- with this ...

could you _please_ implement some validation and -if possible- sane min/max values for all non-combobox-inputs, at least in "non-expert"-mode?

e.g. if one enters 'fragrabl' -or, more relevant '2133.3333' from your very own "Spindel Rechner" in RepetierHost (1.8°; 1/16-Stepping; TR8/1.5; 1:1)- into XAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM this currently causes an invalid configuration.h since this input is dropped silently.

(I don't know how hard this is in angular; if this requires as much faffing around as it does in Kendo from Telerik I perfectly understand why you refuse to open this can of worms :-/)

At least a message a la "we cowardly refuse to let you download <firmware> / Configuration.h because some fields are empty" (if one enters an invalid value somewhere, goes to <another tab> and changes back the input is empty anyway) should be possible, methinks.

*prettyplease* & as always THX for your effort!


  • Never had this problem using chrome. Testing with firefox I could reproduce the problem. It's really bad if browsers handle such things differently.

    Adding a repair function is unfortunately quite some work, so I will not fix this for now. I'm missing time for all the things I have to do and this is just not important enough, sorry.
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