Save multiple bed distortion correction tables in EEPROM

Hi, most bed distortion correction tables / configs vary with different bed temperatures.
Why is it not possible to save a number of these in eeprom depending on bed temperature / material being printed.
Bed distortion varies with temperature, if the tables were saved in eeprom (only one slot available at the moment) then the appropriate one required could simply be loaded, instead of having to re-run bed distortion correction for other temperature before starting a print.
Thanks and regards
P.S.  3 slots would probably be enough for most users
60 deg.
90 deg.
110 deg.


  • Simple answer - eeprom smallest amount available on all is 4KB and that is already used quite good. So that would not enough for the more precise beds. Other thing is that would make it more complicated to interpolate.

    There is a solution though. After measuring send G33 L0 and you get a list of commands you need to set the to the current distorion level in log. Save them as script and then you can switch by sending the script.
  • Thanks for the reply, I am just a user (know nothing about programming)  but do not understand why Marlin is able to do this and Repetier can not.
    Loading of a script would be faster than re-doing  bed distortion correction for every change in temperature.
    I did a search but could not find any instructions on how this could be done, hoping you can assist.
    I have Cartesian printer with:-
    RUMBA board
    Repetier v1.0.2
    Octopi with raspberry Pi3
    RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller

    Thanks - bruce

  • In printer console or however that is named in octoprint run G33 L0. It will output a lot of G33 commands which you copy. Sending these will set the matrix like it was when sending G33 L0.

    Of course we can also store multiple 5x5 grinds. But a grid of 22x22 will use all memory and no second or third matrix can be stored. I will see if add this in V2 firmware for smaller grids where multiple grids fit.
  • Thanks that would be great adding multiple grids to v1.02, if the memory space is available why not use it, would make life a lot easier. The maximum I have ever used is a grid of 10 x10, I find that is more than enough for a 250 x 320 Bed.
    Thanks again and regards
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