Parameters Bug Tablet mode

Im running 0.90 version on RaspberryPi 3B with 7'' touchscreen (I've updated from 0.86 from update tool)
Im getting errors in the section params. When I click in the bed button doesnt appear the windows to put the temperature that I want to but the other buttons works fine and sometimes doesnt appear the button.


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    My bed is working fine (i have tested it in repetier host) but in the servver doesnt showing the data correctly.

  • Thanks. For the touch screen gui I can reproduce and will fix it for next update.

    The normal web frontend is working fine. Please try deleting browser cache and reload. We switched bed handling, so that we can support multiple beds in future and therefore the old javascript whcih may be in cache would not work. If you still have problems in front end, pleas eopen developer tools->console and see if you see an error message there that helps finding what goes wrong.
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    This is the error that Im getting in the console when a click the bed button

  • Yes, same as I got when testing. Will be fixed in 0.90.1 coming soon. Just waiting to see if I had added some more minor bugs to fix.
  • I noticed a similar problem. Then RS removed my bed and I had to add it back. Since then the web interface has worked fine. The touchscreen still will not allow me to set bed temp though. Press on it and nothing happens.
  • Yes, exactly the above error. We try to release fixed version tomorrow if no new bug prevents it.
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