Bed Map seems to not be working..



  • That would be the end. All gets enabled automatically.
  • Ok.. every time I think I am moving forward, I run into this issue..
    I run g32 S2 then g33, for some reason the printer stll doesn’t seem to take the bed map when it prints. I still get the print too high near the front and too close the back of the bed.
    What am I doing wrong here????
  • With such problems it is better first not to mix. So start with G32 S2 see what it reports as rotation and verify it does correct in the right direction and see how good it corrects. If you have a mesh measurement during G32 it will average the curvature. Especially if the bed is really bumpy this may result in bigger errors in some areas. For normal plain beds it should give a good result. For deltas it might be different as here the nonlinear geometry and any wrong angle will have influence on how it moves.

    If that works as good as to expect start G33 and see how it improves/worsens the result. Adjust distortion correction as required. Normally it only corrects the first 0.3mm so for z > 0.3 it will reduce correction and by default stop correction at 1mm. So be aware to test that in the 100% correction zone.
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