Skeinforge milling

Hello, I want to use my printer to mill some things. I have set it up already to do this, now I need to make the gcode for a job. I used pycam at first but the X and Y moves don't include G1 or G0. So I went to try Skeinforge's milling feature. I tried and tried but I could only get the extrusion "profile type" to generate anything. I tried to copy and paste the end mill "profile selection" in the extrusion "profile type" folder and I did get the option in the drop down selector but the gcode I get is still for extrusion. Is there a way to get Repetier host to recognize the skeinforge profile type for milling?


  • Sorry, but I do not know what skeinforge produces. I would expect something without E moves, so to see it you just enable showing travel moves. Visualization for CNC is limited to moves anyway, so do not expect to see something like gcode preview.
  • Maybe this question could lead to a solution. In Repetier host, how can I change the profile type from the Skeinforge slicer. (not to be confused with "profile selection"). I ask this because by default Repetier host is accessing the ABS profile selection from the extrusion profile type. I am not concerned with the visualization at all. I see they are travel moves which is fine.
  • Ok, now I see what you mean. Actually Skeinforge support was only added with 3d printers in mind, so it was never planned to select any other type. And being a deprecated slicer we do not plan to change that module. So you need to go over the configure button and run it manually and import the result, sorry.
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