2nd extruder configuration

I have two extruders, I've been trying to use only my 2nd extruder(smaller), the problem is that eventhough it does the tool change correctly, this extruder 2 believes it has to start on the position of the other extruder so it moves left instead of moving right, like if it thought it has the position of the extruder 1. Do you know how to configurate the starting position of extruder 2 once it is selected as the only tool to print?

Thanks folks!


  • If you use repetier-firmware:
    Check in eeprom extruder offset. Offsets are in steps relative to your nominal center, often extruder 1, so extruder 1 has offset 0,0. If extruder 2 is to the left of extruder 1 you need negative x offset.
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