lower speed limit

Good morning, we are using and Arduino card for controlling the program and we need to operate at < 2 mm/s X-horizontal direction, but the minimum speed that we can achieve is 5 mm/s.
We have tried changing feed rate eg F100, F150 and the speed is the same, but if we put F2000 the motors go faster.
How can we change this value, is there a speed limit?


  • At least our firmware has a speed limit, because the timeprediction for steps is inaccurate below that limit. Th elimit depends on steps per mm whcih you can not change, and acceleration. Reduce acceleration and the limit also gets lower.

    The next big firmware version V2 will have a different timing caclulation and therefore have no speedlimit any more.
  • Thanks a lot, we will try it.

    By the way, Do you know when the new version is going to be available?
    Thanks again
  • It is available in dev2 branch, but no config tool and many functions not working. So no dates for that version.
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