Cant Upgrade Repetier Firmware to 1.0.2.

I have a 0.92.3 build of Repetier that has been working fine for ages, but recently got a probe, and wanted to upgrade to 1.0.2. 

I left everything the same apart from the setting related to the probe, downloaded the firmware, unzipped and flashed, only to be greeted by the Choose language screen, then the home screen showing the wrong temps 7° (its should about 24°+) and if I try and home XY or Z it just hangs on Homing..... ***Please Wait*** and nothing happens. 

Am I doing something incredibly wrong, or is there an issue with RADDS and 1.0.2 Repetier?

Even uploaded the config from my 0.92.3 and changed nothing, but got the same results, and did a whole new build without an existing configuration file and got the same issues.

Not getting any errors in the Arduino IDE 

Here is a link to the working 0.92.3 and non-working 1.0.2 if anyone has the time to look....I'm stumped at this point, just flashed back to 0.92.3 till I can get some help on what I'm doing wrong


  • RADDS in general is working fine with 1.0.2. Have it running my self without problems.

    One big question is if you did change the 0.92.3 version manually after download. This normally results that upgrade do not use the changes you made, because config tool only reads json string at the end.

    As a simple test upload your config to 0.92 version and download and see if it still works. If not search the difference between what you defined as #define and what is set in tool. Especially stepper drivers might need to invert enable signal to work. If they block on startup you need to invert as moving would disable them.
  • Yes, was the json string that was the problem....thank you!
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