Anet A8 ( Melzi ) v1 firmware problem

Dear developers, I made in the past Anet A8 configuration, it works very well. I try to make new version using for the beggining same configuration imported from ver. 0.92 durring compilation I'm getting such error, is this realy means there is not enouge space ?

c:/users/tomasz/desktop/kalimba/arduino-1.8.0 (with apim)/hardware/tools/avr/bin/../lib/gcc/avr/4.9.2/../../../../avr/bin/ld.exe: C:\Users\Tomasz\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_101350/Repetier.ino.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `text'


If it realy is like I suspect, Can we begin some closer cooperation to get one more feature inside of 0.92 regarding to ABL system?
I'm owner of we have more than 7000 users in our Anet A8 Groups at FB. This one add feature is pre-rise of head when G28. We have provide open scource project of ABL sensor similar to BL Touch that do not required external power supply. I was hope we will use repetier as dedicated firmware for it. Problem is that pre-rize exist only in 1.0

HallON project page at thingiverse.

At the moment we are using Marlin, but I do not like way is developt also ABL system problems with fact that since FEB they did nothing to solve it force me to ask You guys for help. Previously provided configuration of 0.92.9 Repetier for our users give very good feedback. 


  • Region .text is limited to 64K as it is a 8 bit processor. What takes most in this are the translations. It is not possible to include all translations on a 8 bit system. So normally reducing the number of languages supported makes it compile with this error.
  • I left only 2 before I ask you for help, I will try with one only
  • Is this a melzi with 128KB ram or 64? Do not think 64K would be enough for all - 128KB is already tight.
  • I made test and with activated ABL it has not enouge sapce. This is Anet board Melzi clone. There is Atmega1284p it has 128K.  Can I ask you kindly to help with implemantation of pre rize in 0.92? 0.92 in Poland has reputation of the best firmware for Anet A8, we made that preconfiguration and share it with comunity. 
  • See Printer.cpp homeAxis in 1.0. It is this code that does pre raise:

    #if Z_HOME_DIR < 0

    #if ZHOME_PRE_RAISE == 1

        if(zaxis && Endstops::zProbe())

            PrintLine::moveRelativeDistanceInSteps(0, 0, ZHOME_PRE_RAISE_DISTANCE * axisStepsPerMM[Z_AXIS], 0, homingFeedrate[Z_AXIS], true, true);

    #elif ZHOME_PRE_RAISE == 2


            PrintLine::moveRelativeDistanceInSteps(0, 0, ZHOME_PRE_RAISE_DISTANCE * axisStepsPerMM[Z_AXIS], 0, homingFeedrate[Z_AXIS], true, true);



    So if you add this and add ZHOME_PRE_RAISE and ZHOME_PRE_RAISE_DISTANCE in manual config of tool it should work also in 0.92.

      Raise Z before homing z axis

      0 = no

      1 = if z min is triggered

      2 = always

      This is for printers with z probe used as z min. For homing the probe must be

      at a minimum height for some endstop types, so raising it before will help

      to make sure this is guaranteed. 

    #define ZHOME_PRE_RAISE 0

    // Distance in mm to raise if required


  • Thank you very much I suspect that this two sections are responsible for that, I jus was not sure if this is all. I will test it this week, and let you know if its working.
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