Wrong axis label for second extruder in g-code.

The g-code generated with a dual extruder configuration using Slic3r Prusa and Mach3 gcode flavor sends ALL of the extruder positions to the A axis, when the second extruder should use the B axis. Is there a configuration setting I am missing to specify the axis label for a second extruder?  Using Repetier Version 2.1.2.  


  • The code contains T0 and T1 to switch extruders being active. But always use E or A as axis. That is how it works in reprap firmwares (whcih use E).
  • I see. My Mach3 installation differentiates the extruders as the A and B axes. For now, my work-around will be to write a script to post-process and translate the gcode when T0/T1 are invoked.  Thank you for the prompt response.
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