Add temp custom function.


I'm a beginner in arduino and C++ but I would like add a function in repetier firmware. I would like use one of the 4 thermistors ( rumba motherboard ) for control the radiator hotend temp, and do a emergency stop when the temp is too high.

Doing that with a uno is very easy but I've the feeling that is mooore difficult in repetier xD.

I don't ask the entire code but only the way to make it if it's possible ;).

Thanks a lot.


  • Extra thermistors are hard in V1. Best solution would be to add a dummy device that has one and just read the temperature. E.g. add another extruder or thermo controlled fan. Use the event system to e.g. query the value every 100ms. On github there is a folder with sample event systems if you need to know how it works also Events.h defines at the top how to do it.
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