Dual Extruder: lower temp while extruder is parked

I finally got my independent dual x printer up and running with repetier. Apart from setting up BLTouch correctly, the trickiest part was to realize that the offsets are very different from what you do in MK4Duo / Marlin. But now I got it calibrated perfectly.

This is almost a cosmetic question: is there an easy way to set temp to e.g. 170 while the extruder is parked and then heat up to target temperature once it gets re-activated. The extruder select / deselect command only offer hard coded temp-settings which is not practical, maybe I could use the event system (requires coding, not too confident about that). Last, I might be able to find a way via slicer settings or via events in Repetier-Server. Is there an even easier way I am not currently aware off?

Thanks a lot for your support in advance. I am suuuuper happy right now (even got the RADDS2LCD set up with a 12864 LCD, yeeeeah)


  • I think slic3r has already an option for this. You definitively want this handled in slicer or a slicer postprocessor. For CuraEngine there is a sloution in recent discussions, only a few days ago.
  • Thanks for your advice. slic3r has an option to add code for tool changes. While I was able to lower the temp before parking the extruder, I have no idea how to prevent both extruder from oozing. Is there a gcode to manually park the active extruder without "activating" the other?
    Here is my toolchange script:

    M104 T[previous_extruder] S170 ;lower current extruder temperature
    M109 T[current_extruder] S[temperature_[current_extruder]] ;reset printing temperature

    Problem is that T[current_extruder] moves the head over the print for heating up, whereas omitting T[current_extruder] has the previous_extruder cool down over the print. Catch 22.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  • M104/M109 just operate where you are and that is not what you want. M104 is no problem as it has no delay but M109 waits, so use memory position

    - M401 - Store x, y and z position.

    - M402 - Go to stored position. If X, Y or Z is specified, only these coordinates are used. F changes feedrate for that move.

    To move away from print so it does not ooze on it. For example
    M104 T[previous_extruder] S170 ;lower current extruder temperature
    M104 T[current_extruder] S[temperature_[current_extruder]] ;reset printing temperatureG1 X0 Y200 F12000 ; fast move away
    M109 T[current_extruder] S[temperature_[current_extruder]] ;reset printing temperature
    M402 F12000

    So now it heats at 0, 200 and then continues. Eventually you could even remove the M401/M402 if the next move is to wipe tower.
  • Genius, forgot about M401 / M402.
    T0 and T1 make the head move due to the parking feature. So I guess I'll play around with G28 X and M401 / M402 to move heads to home for heating (as I have 'ooze wipers' installed) then move back to printing position. No wipe tower required ????
    Can I store/load multiple positions with M401 / M402? If so, that would be an alternative to G28...
    Will post back after my holidays. Away from printer ????????
  • No M401 can only store one position.

    You have 2 x axis so it goes beside the wiper? Try lazy positioning so it moves only back when being needed for next move instead then.
  • lazy positioning did the trick. My IDEX works like a charm now  B)
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