Repetier Firmware 1.0 gets wrong baud rate

When upgrading Repetier Firmware from 0.92 to 1.0 I found a problem which caused me a lot of pain until I realized it.  The newer version of Firmware is doing something wrong with the baud rate.  My previous build was at 230400 baud, with Server configured the same, naturally. I used the configuration tool starting from the previous configuration.h.  I used the Server to download the new Firmware to the Due.  The new Server and new Firmware combination would not connect, but kept resetting.  Eventually, I discovered that the Firmware was actually operating at 250000 baud, not 230400.  I am certain of this, as I checked it with the Arduino serial monitor, Repetier-Host and Pronterface.  All would connect at 250000 but not 230400.  One symptom of this is that if you set it manually to 250000 in Server, then read the config into Server from the Firmware, it sets the baud back to 230400 (from the firmware), and the disconnections start again.

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