Upgrade to Server 0.86 changes time estimates

I have had some problems upgrading both Repetier Server and Repetier Firmware. This is regarding Repetier Server 0.86.

The machine is a D-Bot (CORE-XY)  derivative with 3 Z motors and a BL-Touch probe, electronics are Due and RADDS, and a Raspberry Pi for Server.  The bed is not very flat. but I have had very good results using Repetier-Server 0.80 and Repetier-Firmware 0.96 for over a year (thank you!).

I replaced Server version 0.80 with the latest 0.86 using the armel package, leaving the existing printer config and G-code files alone.  To my surprise, the new Server seemed to be re-loading (or something) the existing G-code files.  It was very slow, but the problem I noticed was that it changed the time estimates to be extremely large.  For example, 187 hours rather than 6 hours (about).

I ended up using a new image instead due to other problems, so I can't say whether this affected printing, but it was odd.  Using the 0.86 image for the Pi, the times look OK.


  • There were fixes/changes in time calculation so with the upgrade server needed to recompute with new algorithms. That make sit slow at startup until it is through all your gcodes. This does not change the real printing time as the gcode stays the same.

    A change from 6 to 187 hours is not good.No idea why that should change so dramatically. You should check in printer settings if the acceleration or max. speed for an axis or extruder is wrong/low, preheat time. Changing these values starts again recalculation of times. If you find no error, please send me the gcode so I can have a look at the gcode to see why it gives such a wrong estimate then.
  • I ended up using a fresh image (mostly due to my slowness in appreciating the baud rate was wrong - see my other recent post), so I can't say whether the printing was affected for the upgrade case.  I doubt it.

    I was about to say that I have uploaded some files into the new version of Server, and that had reasonably accurate estimates.  However, I just took a another look and I see that a test piece that I printed since the new Server was installed, and which was estimated at 24 mins and actually took 20 minutes, is now estimated at 181 minutes!

    Setting the heating time rates in the printer config fixed the estimates.  I must not have reloaded the printer settings from the saved XML configuration when I loaded the new Server, as I intended.  My mistake.  However, it still leaves open the original question of why the heating time config was lost when I first did the upgrade:  I am sure I did not do anything to the printer config when I upgraded, though I had upgraded the firmware to 1.0.2 first - could that be related?  My memory is of seeing the time estimates change before my eyes, so they were OK before the Server upgrade.
  • Wrong heating rates can in deed increase time for preheating. But a new firmware version can not be the reason, as this is computed by a wizard or entered by hand. So normally I'd expect that you need to change it to get new result. But there might be some action that invalidates it, that we are not aware of. You you see it rehappen and have an idea what you did, let me know. So far this is not a known issue and maybe was just the result of an errenous transmission on save/changing something different.
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