g28 Auto Home offset - BL Touch

every time I feel I have set up the BL Touch complete some thing happens. You would consider the printer has a virus. 

Last night everything was working and I only had to set the Z off set, so I decided to do that the next day.

Next morning the printer will not auto home correctly. At first it would hit the end stop for x and Y then mover off the bed to y 200+ the z axis did not move.

I reloaded the firmware no difference then a Restore Fail Safe stoped the x y crashing off the bed.

Now x and y home at 00 and Z tries to home but off the bed instead of at x99 y148 which is displayed on the screen.

Can I adjust the firmware for this? 
Is there a factory rest that clears all setting and then reload the firmware?

Any help would be appricated. 



  • M502

    sets eeprom to values in configuration.h. Maybe your steps per mm for xy have changed so positions do not match any more.
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