Zprobe height not working

I have a home made Delta similar to Kossel. It has a zprobe built into the efector using a microswitch.
During autoleveling (g29 S2), the nozel (on a hinge)will push 6 mm into bed before triggering the zprobe (the nozzle touches before zprobe switches  as designed). The zprobe cycles 3 times at each location then goes up. Then when I do g1 z0 it goes down too far into bed. So I tried to correct this by changing zprobe height in EEprom BUT it does not seem to have any effect. I think I need a negative value for zprobe height but neg or pos has no effect.

It Prints well when manually leveled but I want to get autolevel working.

Other odd things that might be relevant;

     z heigt shows 225 near top.  Then I lower z ANY AMOUNT in Repetier host and it drops to z0 (Weird ) But if I enter a lower z in         gcode it works fine. When homed to Zmax Repetier shows 0 not 225?

      M251 s2 stopped working.

      Horizontal Rod Radius at 0 is measured 80 mm but I need 127 to make it flat.

How do I make Zprobe height work?
Should autolevel be enabled to make Zprobe height work
Should I SHUT OFF transformation matrix OR anything else that might be conflicting? (how?)

These issues seem like I have a corrupt firmware but I reloaded from the configuration tool and no improvement.

All Ideas are appreciated!

Firmware Repetier 1.0.2.
Repetier hOST 2.0.5 AND 2.1.2
Arduino Mega


  • G29 is the marlin code for bed leveling.
    Repetier firmware uses G32   and yes if the probe trigger point is below the nozzle the probe height should be positive value
  • Thanks for your reply martinh
    The G29 is 3 point level and does work in Repetier 1.0.2  G32 is multiple points.

    It is now working for me.

    It looks like you must run g29 or G32 after you change Zprobe height.  I  assumed that you could just change it on the fly in EEPROM.  but it doesnt seem to make any corrections until you run the above commands.

    Also with the nozzle touching before the the zprobe triggers. the zprobe height must be negative (for me)

  • G29 just sets z to average height while G32 does compute a bed rotation, so there is a big difference.
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