G28 + Z Endstop min


I´ve trying to configure G28 (using graber i3 printer) without success:
My scenario is: X/Y endstop are in min pos with X-10 position and my Z min is  an endstop at right side of hotend, with servo.

When I run G28, X go to -10, Y to 0 and Z starts to go down but in this position Z probe is completely out of bed! Impossible to work.

if I set the tags:

the G28 works perfectly (Z probe inside the bed area) but when it finish, X and Y are set both with 0, but they are at 100 in real positioning...

Am I doing some config mistake? How to solve it? I just want to do a G28 with the Z probe in a valida bed area, not at the 0 position.


my config file:


  • You need homing order with preheat. In that case you can define exactly where to run the z probe and you do not need the wrong back on home setting. As preheat temperature just select 0 to not preheat.
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    Great! it worked very well.

    Thank you.
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