New to Repetier Firmware and having E-Step issues

Alright I am a former Marlin Firmware user and have recently swapped to Repetier as I was told it would be better for doing multi extrusion with my custom 3D Printer design. I have been building 3D Printers for just over a year now but I have run into a problem when configuring the firmware. I have set everything up and everything seems to work correctly apart from my E-Steps for all stepper motors. When I was using Marlin I used X:80, Y:80, Z:400, E0:837, E1:837 and it worked completely fine, I have inputted the same E-Steps into Repetier expecting it to work but I am finding that it is not correct and in fact miles off working correctly with my Z axis moving a fraction of a mm when set to move 10mm. Any ideas or info that would help me figure it out would be greatly appreciated. (Unable to upload my Configuration.h file on here for some reason)


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    My X,Y,E0,E1 seem to be alright but it is my Z axis which is miles out now, I have a 1.8 Degree M8 1.25mm Pitch leadscrew with a 1:1 gear ration with a 1/16 microstepping, this would be 2560 E-Steps if I am correct?, but this doesn't seem to work and I am wondering if I am missing something maybe?, I have 2 Stepper motors that are for my Z axis but both seem to be turning so I don't think one is dragging the other but unsure. I meant to put Z:2560 before not 400, unsure where I copied that from.
  • Did you check eeprom. Unlike marlin, we store most values on first upload in eeprom and later uploads do not change them. So check in eeprom editor if the values are set right.
  • Ahh awesome thanks for that I wasn't aware of that, seems to have sorted it! Another thing is that I have a Cyclops style extruder that I am using where I am loading 2 different filaments to switch between, however when I was trying to use the mixing extruder feature it was only giving me the option to control one extruder and when controlling it the operation I inputted was followed via both extruders, unsure if I did something wrong or if I am miss understanding the feature so I disabled it and am planning on using two extruders independently for the same hotend, will this still work?
  • What is the best way to edit the eeprom then? (unsure as to what it is really)
  • As you are moving over from marlin i would recomend uploading the eeprom clear sketch from arduino examples menu then re uploading the repetier firmware to clear out any unwanted values stored in the eeprom.
    Also Repetier host has a built in eeprom editor in the config menu
  • Alright cool, onto the next problem xD, I am using a Cyclops Extruder and have been having alot of problems with getting any dual extrusion to work, I have even decided to try create a Bowden Y Splitter that will fit onto my old V6 extruder and that has had little success also, I believe I may just be doing something wrong but I am unsure as to what it may be. Has anyone got any settings that they know works with a Cyclops Hotend and two Titan extruders?, I've followed every guide and possible method of getting it to work but no success as of yet, I can get one filament to print at a time but when swapping from one to the other the second filament will not push into the hotend and just stops and jams before even heating up.
  • That combination does not sound like a mixing extruder. Mixing extruder extrudes several filaments at different speeds to mix the colors. You have more a shared heater. So set that flag, give all extruders the same thermistor and only the first extruder gets the real heater pin, all others get -1.

    Now you can use the select/deselect scripts to push filament in/out your y-tube. Make sure to always disable with extruder 0 selected as it will forget the selected extruder and always assume extruder 0 at startup!
  • Ok so I am assuming scripts are like G-Code?, where would I find the place to edit these?
  • In config tool you can edit them. And yes it is a gcode script where you separate commands by \n. So you can do whatever is needed for your special case.
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