Flashing Red Background?

Hi, whenever I print an object and I am in the Manual control tab, the background flashes red instead of it's usual gray. the shown print remains blue with the hot areas red, but the grid outside of it flashes. If it's any help, my printer had a bug where it would try to bring the extruder off of the print area constantly and would make a sound similar to that of a bear being mauled by a tractor. I fixed it by getting a new Arduino Mega board and a new RAMPS board. Also, my version is 2.0.5, running on windows 10 64 bit. So I have two questions: Is this bad? and if it is how do I fix it?


  • You mean the manual control tab flashes red before coming white? That would not be a problem I think, also I wonder why it flashes at all. It uses double buffering and for me it does not flash. But maybe I'm misunderstanding you and an image could clear the problem.
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