Printer Head Has Random Drifts on X Axis


I am not an engineer nor do I know much about this kind of equipment. I bought a large format 3D printer from ErectorBot in California to print prototypes of a product that I am developing. The maker said I would have no problem catching on to the technology. Over six months later I keep experiencing the same reoccurring issue. The gantry head will randomly shift from side to side and crash. Sometimes it will keep printing after it has shifted mm to either the left or right. Sometimes it will crash. The maker has not been able to help with this issue. I am running out of time and money. It crashes at least once a week because of this "phantom drift". PLEASE HELP!!! 


  • There are many reasons for shifts. Crosstalk to endstop is one. Then it shifts aways from the endstop. You said it happens in both directions, so this is only if you have endstops at both sides.

    Overheating of stepper driver makes short stops, here cooling drivers is a good solution.

    Loose pulley, loosing steps when hitting a part then warped upwards, acceleration being too high are other reasons.
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