Trouble setting steps per mm for a delta

Hello  Im building a kossel style delta printer (my second home made printer) and am having a problem with setting motor steps.

I used the Repetier configurator and input the motor parameters compiled and uploaded.

i noticed that 2 motors were working correctly but 1 moved too much. Then I realized that one motor had a bigger pulley.  No problem Ill just change in EEprom for now.

Then I noticed that EEprom now has only  1 motor setting.  So I disabled eeprom and made correction to configuration.h and uploaded. It didnt fix it. It looks like all motors are getting the same setting.  Is this a design feature to save space in EEprom?  Am I missing something?  Yes, I will make all pulleys equal but I didnt want to wait that long ha ha.

(Using Arduino mega and ramps and current Repetier firmware and Repetier Host)



  • For deltas all motors need to have the same steps per mm, no way around this. In v2 it will be adjustable as it will compute differently, but until then same for all motors is required and therefore all use the value for z axis.
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