Change A4988 stepper driver by DRV8825 ones.

I built my own 3d printer and it works fine. I use the Prusa as a model.
Now I have a simple problem, but that I am not able to solve.
Sorry for the noob question, but in "Configuration.h", which lines should I edit to change the A4988 stepdrivers I got in X and Y axes to the new ones, DRV8825?
Are there any changes to be made to eeprom as well?


  • The main difference is the new driver have to be fitted rotated 180deg from the A4988,(so the pot is opposite end)
    The DRV8825s with the 3 micro stepping jumpers fitted will have 1/32 microstepping so you will need to double your steps/mm in config or eeprom.
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