Hotend Cooling

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is there a possibility to do a temperature control for cooling instead of heating?
I´m thinking about a Peltier cooler for Coldend .
If i use the implemented cooler function there will be a bang-bang like control, Think  pwm would be nicer
Any suggestions are welcome


  • We have a thermo controlled fan. The hotter the more pwm it gets. Just put the peltier on it instead. Control is quite liniear one treshhold temperature is reached so not sure how good it will work. It will surely not hold the temperature as that is not the design constraint.

    Normal pwm should work in both directions, but you do not want cooling below. So maybe subtract target temperature from temperature before doing pwm correction. So it gains pwm above target. But that again makes problem going below target so it will start swinging above target in any case.But maybe I term can keep it working at correct temperature. Not su sure here. 
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