CoreXY and Quad Stepping?


I'm using a CoreXY system with Rumba board and DRV8825s with 1/32 microstepping. Do I profit from enabling quad stepping in means of higher speeds, or does quad stepping affect the print quality negatively?


  • Double/quadstepping combine 2/4 steps in fast succession and then do the next pause. So it is like having 1/16 or 1/8 microstepping at high speeds while having 1/32 on slow speeds. It is the only way to get higher speeds on slow cpus. I do not think it is really visible as the motor still needs its time to follow move so it is still a quite straight move. Maybe the sound is not optimal, but that is all.
  • Great answer. Now I understand what it really does. Thanks!
  • Works great so far. I couldn't discover drops in quality, but speeds are much better now.
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