Can anyone share a configuration of a standard tech2c hypercube with RAMPS V1.4 ?

When the Simplify3d activation server was down( and I could not run the software I paid for ) I tried Repetier-Host. I also ran Repetier-Server on a Ubuntu server and was very impressed with the workflow. I am now interested in completing the chain and using Repetier-Firmware on a Hypercube. I have looked at the web based configurator and would benefit from a pro-forma configuration for hypercube to get started. Or I could just try and understand all the settings. Learning is good.

There are 2 COREXY options at the very start x-y, x+y. Any clues ?


  • Combined with inverting motor direction there are even more combination for core xy. In the end it is just a case of testing these combination until it moves in the right direction. Or you move motors by hand and see what combination moves in which direction. Then you only need to select the invert motor direction to move same direction as you tested.
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