Z offset in EEPROM config

Hello everyone, I'm new, I have a K8400 vertex. my print height is slightly lower than desired, I would have liked to know if I could use the Z offset to compensate for this slight lack. I can not find any explanation on the use of this parameter in the EEPROM configuration; I use Repetier host 2.0.5 with Cura. with thanks for your excellent work and your response!


  • No you can't. It is to compensate different extruder heights between each other on multi extruder setup.

    If you trigger after hitting the bed you can use bed coating also it is not that good to always hit extruder. Better is to physically adjust bed height or endstop trigger point to match.
  • hello, tks for your answer, i did what  you said i physically adjust and it is ok now !
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