Measure Distortion doesn't end!

Hey, I just installed the latest version 1.0.2 and its running smooth so far. I got an IR-Probe installed for bed leveling and also mesh bed lvl (measure distortion). First I run the auto bed leveling via the lcd screen, after that I run the measure distortion, but after this has finished it display again "make sure the heatbed is clear of any obstructions" after I press ok it starts again. And this in an endless loop. I can just turn off the machine or reset but it seems that the calibration remain stored. Does anyone else got this issue?


  • Please check ui.cpp line 2635


                case UI_ACTION_MEASURE_DISTORTION2:


                    uid.pushMenu(&ui_msg_calibrating_bed, true);





    this is how it should look like. The first uid.popMenu(false); is missing I'd say. Have added it for next release.

    But yes, values stay stored anyway, so everything is good.
  • Thx for your quick reply, that worked! I got another question. I wondering why the z-homing doesn't work properly when using the probe only as min-endstop. Everytime I start my printer I have to do a G32 in order to get the nozzle at the correct height. If I just do a normal G28 the it measures also the z-axis but its a few millimeters above the bed. Is this a normal behaviour with z-probe as min-endstop?
  • No, not normal. But you need to use z probe pin for z min endstop as well to tell firmware to use it instead and also to adjust just like you do with G32. Also make sure bed coating is set to 0. Set homeing order to a version with preheat so you measure at a point where you can deploy the z probe correctly. Set temperature to 0 so it does not enforce heating extruders. This option has homing position for z homing. If deploying is not possible it might test with wrong coordinates giving wrong offsets.
  • I got Homing order "X,Y, preheat then Z", min homing temp is at "0". X-min is set to "not installed". Z-probe enabled and pin set to "zmin endstop". What exactly do you mean with adjust? Is there an extra value for probe height just for homing?
  • No extra value. Normally homing is at correct height as it uses the same additional variables as probing does. That is why I said the homing sequence could be a problem. For tilted beds it is important to know where you measure as you need to fix the rotation effect as well and that requires the correct coordinates.

    If you know the hight you are at, e.g. by using a known height metal block you could test then G30 to see if it also reports that value. Precision of G32 also depends on how and where you measure and can deviate from what G28 measures, which only uses one point. So if that point is not exactly on the plane computed by G32 you get a different height. This is mainly on deltas and with slightly bended beds an issue.
  • Oh, I forgot one value. Make sure z home move back is 0 - I think that might be the only value added by G28 that is not added by G32.
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