Printing Status and Temperature

Does the printing pause if the bed temperature or extruder get too low?  How low is too low from the set temperature?

I'm trying to figure out why my printer keeps pausing during printing.  Nothing shows up in the logs as errors.  The repetier program isn't officially pausing as if I clicked on "Pause Print".  It'll print fluidly for some time, then just stop, wait a few seconds, then continue.  It'll do this throughout the entire print.


  • Disable filament preview while printing. Maybe that causes too much cpu time? Another reason for pauses is if you have too many small moves they can not get send fast enough. Also activities on windows might bind cpu so sending data slows down causing small pauses (<1s normally). With communication errors you also get pauses, but you would see that in the log.
  • I'm having the same problem. Printing perfectly for a minute or so then a pause of 20 or 30 seconds and then continues on.
    This is causing some proper blobbing of the filament, as you can imagine. Pain in the butt. 
    I notice the X&Y-axis steppers are running quite hot.  So are the stepper driver boards( A4998). Can they be overheating perhaps?  I have spent a fair bit of time making sure all axis are smooth and not dragging at all so I am at a loss. All the drivers are running at, or as close as I can get them, to 1 volt.
    Filament preview is off too.
    This is driving me mad.

  • If your printer prints where it is supposed so nothing shifts, the drivers are not overheating. You then should better check your log for error messages. 30 second pause sounds more like a timeout in communication due to missing "ok" caused by communication errors. So if you have many errors you might want to fix communication problems. Alternatively configure firmware to add line numbers to ok messages. That way most lost "ok" can be detected by host and fixed without time lost.

    Sometimes other baud rates get less errors, so try switching between 115200, 250000 and 230400 and see if one works better.
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