PID Command for BED!!!

Hi Guys

what is the CORRECT AUTO PID command for the BED??? I have tried M303 E-1 S60 C8 M303 P-1 S60 C8 M303 P1 S60 C8 M303 P S60 C8 ETC ETC ETC almost ALL the commands i have been able to find and they ALL turn on E0(1) and start the PID process.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


  • For Repetier-Firmware this is the syntax:

    - M303 P<extruder/bed> S<printTemerature> X0 R<Repetitions> C<method>- Auto detect pid values. Use P<NUM_EXTRUDER> for heated bed. X0 saves result in EEPROM. R is number of cycles.

    method 0 = classic, 1 = some overshoot, 2 = no overshoot, 3 = pessen, 4 = Tyreus-Lyben

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    "Hotend Usage: M303 S<temperature> C<cycles> Bed Usage: M303 E-1 C<cycles> S<temperature> Example: M303 C8 S175

    Generate Proportional, Integral and Derivative values for the hotend or bed (E-1). Send the appropriate code and wait for the output to update the firmware.

    M304: Set PID parameters – Bed"


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