Compatibility with M3D Micro - original

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to get their Repetier Server to connect and control the M3D Micro?  It is a great little printer and I would love to add it to the others on the Server but I can not get it to connect.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • What firmware and board does the printer use?
  • Hi

    I am afraid I don't know.  How can i tell?  They say you have to use their own software - ;

  • After some googling I can say you are right. The firmware is not compatible to other software.

    Seems to be replacement firmware to make it compatible. It is unknown to me like the printer it self, so if you try it on your own risk. Maybe first make sure you have the original and know how to play it back before trying this.

    Which of both will be better I can also not say, but they at least promise compatibility to reprap printers, so server should work with Marlin as firmware selected.
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