fails to load .stl files

I have used Repetier Host without a problem for a year and a half.  Today, it will not load .stl files.  The message says that it is loading, but the file does not appear.  It will load g-code files, however, and there are a few .stil files that will load, but mostly will not.  Is this a bug?  Or is it a mistake?  I have checked to make sure Updates are current.  I have V2.0.5, running on Windows 7Pro.


  • Some files can take a long time espcially if they have many vertices since we need to merge them. If you are sure it is not a time problem, plaase send us the sample so we can test it and fix if it is a bug.
  • This problem just began out of nowhere.  It was working fine before.  Click on the Load button, and select a file, and it says it is Importing (Loading), but the file does not come up in Object Placement.  Cannot proceed to Slice.  It will not bring up most of the .stl files.  But it will bring up a few of them (out of many).  I don't know what kind of sample you ask for.
  • I meant a sample stl that does not load.

    Did yo already reboot windows? Also make sure no other software has stl opened as that will block opening it.
  • I cannot seem to drag/drop or copy to this message.  Nothing works.   Perhaps that indicates something about the problem?  I am using Marlin v4.  Arduino 1.8.5.  Meshmixer.  And 2.0.5 Repetier.  Everything updated.  Windows 7Pro, rebooted.  But I have had to replace my HDD and reimport all the software.

    It used to work just fine.   I would export the Meshmixer file, and it would put up a screen that creation of the .stl file.  Then, Repetier would import the .stl and allow generation of the g-code.  But now, when Repetier is ordered to Load, the only screen that comes up is Import G-Code (not .stl).

    I am spinning my wheels going around and around.  What am I missing?

  • In object placement the black circle with blue plus is for adding stl. The open button in top toolbar can only open stl if it has the right ending .stl.
  • Same problem with uploading of 3d scan. If I upload directly nothing happens. If I edit it in Solidworks, export .stl, it works perfect. I export scan from Artec Studio, perhaps there are some special options I have use?
  • We should be able to read all standard stl files. Unfortunately several exporters may violate parts of the standard or at least have a difference to what we expect. So if you can post a sample stl that does not work I can check why this happens and fix it. Best today because I plan a new release tomorrow if I can finish the changes. Then it would be in the next release, otherwise in a later release.
  • Hi! How i can post my stl file? I have System.OutOfMemoryExeption in RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.ImportSTL(string filename, Double scale)... What does in mean?
    file opens in SolidWorks, Blender 2.8 ** and 3dMax
  • That means your model is too big to load. You are running out of memory. Is it a big file or might it be just a bad header? If it just big make sure to close unnecessary software before before loading, but normally it is no problem even 100mb big stl files on nowadays computer.

    If it is rather small please provide a download of the stl so I can check if the header is wrong.
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