5mm calibration, smallest cubes not forming correctly

Hi, I'm a newbie to 3D printing.  I've been trying to calibrate my RepRap printer using a pyramid consisting of 5mm cubes.  I downloaded the object from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:56003.  ;

The base of the pyramid prints perfectly, but the top most layer, the top single 5mm cube, turns out to be just a blob of ABS.  What settings can be adjusted to have the printer print more slowly for small objects like my topmost 5mm cube?



  • In Slic3r in filament settings you define also cooling. You can increase minimum layer time so it prints slower and also enable cooling fan to get more cooling.
  • Thank you, I'll look for that and give it a try.

  • Hi again, I see "slow down if print time is below X seconds." in the interface for filaments, however, I don't see something that says, slow down for small parts.  The above probably helps me with the calibration pyramid, but it wouldn't do any good if i was trying to print something like a pencil standing upright or a small rod.  I think I'm looking for something specifically related to the size of the current area being printed.  In my case, anything smaller than 10mm or so seems to print too fast and "run." 
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    The slow down setting is per layer, not per object.
  • Great, that worked!  I now get good small part prints.

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