Does the Printrbot Simple Pro work with Repetier at all. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

So 3 or 4 years ago I bought a Printrbot Metal Simple right when they first hit the market.  At that point Repetier was the prefered go to software that Printrbot reccomended for it.  I set it up and got it up and running right out of the box.  I still absolutely love the Metal Simple and Repetier and still use it every day. Even after the tens of thousands of hours it still prints great today.  With the positive joint history I have had  between Printrbot and Repetier that was my clear choice to stick with in advancing my hobby into part of my business.  So Last summer I went out and bought 4 Printrbot Simple Pros.  Much to my dissapointment and great frustration I can not get them to connect to or talk to Repetier.  Ive searched , and searched, for how to get this combination to work and there seems to be no info on the internet about this.  So either it works (like printrbot says it does) and Im the only one having this issue?  Or it dosent work at all and Im the only one that cant figure this out?  Can anyone PLEASE HELP?  Ive tried printrbot support.  All I get is the same useless automated responses that are no help. I Reflashed the printboard via a mac as they described... still no luck.

PLESASE HELP.   Thanks, Mike. 


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