where can i find the movement code?

Hi there,
I am trying to build a 3D printer on a robot arm. The arm uses cartesian coordinates and translates them in its own cpp code. I know the firmware doesn't support this, this is why i have written the movement myself. I just can't find where to implement it. Can you help me to find where the movement is activated? I want to use the G-code x,y,z from the printer::getDestinationStepsFromGCode but from there I get lost.

Can you guys help me?


  • Sounds mor elike a firmware question, not a host question where you posted this.

    What you need is a nonlinear movement system I guess like delta, which is the only working nonlinear system. These moves are queud up in queueDeltaMove and you also need to define your coordinate transformation function:

    Calculate the delta tower position from a cartesian position
    @param cartesianPosSteps Array containing cartesian coordinates.
    @param deltaPosSteps Result array with tower coordinates.
    @returns 1 if cartesian coordinates have a valid delta tower position 0 if not.
    uint8_t transformCartesianStepsToDeltaSteps(int32_t cartesianPosSteps[], int32_t deltaPosSteps[])

    Last but not least you will also need to update homing function for your special case. Thats all needed for a new movement system.
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