Noob: Firmware for 3DR Delta and Autolevelling


I am relatively new to 3D printing so apologies if I am asking simple questions, but I can't find answers using Google.

I have a 3DR Delta RepRap printer which I have inherited, so I do not know how it was built or which Arduino board it has on it.  The Z Probe is absent, but if the nozzle hits the bed, it rises slightly and breaks a contact, which I assume achieves the same thing.

I am using Repetier host connected to a Raspberry Pi running Repetier server.  The software is using Marlin Firmware - the other two do not work at all.  I want to follow the instructions ( to level the bed as it is not right at the moment.

1) Do I need to have Repetier firmware on the printer's Arduino board for this to work properly?  If not, can I do the same process using the Marlin firmware?

2) If so and I follow the guide on installing the firmware on the Repetier site, how do I know which Arduino board I have and if it will work?




  • The video works only with repetier-firmware, which is not what you seem to have. You seem to have marlin on it so you need a guide on how to do it on Marlin. Not sure how they do it, but know they have different commands for it.

    Install a new firmware only if you know the components like thermistor types, board type, ... otherwise you are not able to answer the questions correctly and it can take a very long time to fix it with risk of breaking something. If you also have the configuration file used to compile the current solution you can find all these data in it.

  • Thank you - I am glad I checked first!  Please can you advise where I might find the configuration file for the printer?  When I got it I just added it to Repetier Server and it seemed to work but not perfectly.
  • Look on the vendor homepage. There you mought also find a updated version.
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