tmc2130 and two z axis

Hi repetier!
I have corexy two axis z in mirrored. (I use FEATURE_TWO_ZSTEPPER)
And i have tmc2130 but i can configured, compiler is say printer.cpp error:
tmc_driver_e1 = new TMC2130Stepper(EXT1_ENABLE_PIN, EXT1_DIR_PIN, EXT1_STEP_PIN, TMC2130_EXT1_CS_PIN);
first 3 constant not declared. Yes is true i use configurator but not declared EXT1...PINs..
How to configure?


  • Looking into sources I see

    #if TMC2130_ON_EXT1 > 0

        Printer::tmc_driver_e1 = new TMC2130Stepper(EXT1_ENABLE_PIN, EXT1_DIR_PIN, EXT1_STEP_PIN, TMC2130_EXT1_CS_PIN);

        configTMC2130(Printer::tmc_driver_e1, TMC2130_STEALTHCHOP_EXT1, TMC2130_STALLGUARD_EXT1,



    so in your case not having second extruder TMC2130_ON_EXT1 0 is required. That means
    E1 CS PinTMC2130_E1_CS_PIN
    should be disabled.

    I guess you used this as second z drive? Not sure this is fully supported. I show the thread to the TMC2130 author. Maybe he can say more.

  • Thank you reply,
    I would like use ext1 socket to second z axis stepstick.
    I see pin.cpp and see printer.cpp, i not understood all but i think z2 not implemented/converted pins.
    If I understood program three can will writhing but mo time.
    Possibly you need to redirect the ext1 pin to z2 mirror motor controll?
    I use now A4988 in ext1-z2 controll and all working but is hot.
    I would like change tmc driver.
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