Getting partial access when accessed from web...

Just recently completed the install of the Pro version of Repeater server and for some reason, I can not access the full UI on mobile when accessed from the web. When I access via the local network it works fine on both mobile and desktop, but when I accessed from the web via iphone it only shows the top bar and does not provide the user login screen to gain full access, works fine on a desktop.

Thanks for any help solving this.

Also, I do have port 443 forwarded to allow access via the web. 



  • How do you do forwarding? If you do a full port forwarding - no problem. If that is a web proxy doing the forwarding you need to take special care of the websocket which needs special rules. See in our docs nginx as port forwarder. There we show how to configure it correctly also for websocket. Without you get exactly your problem.
  • I've forwarded the ports(443) via my router and assume it is working correctly as I can access the server via a desktop without issues through www (separate connection), but when I try to access through my phone all it shows is the top menu and nothing else.


  • Maybe port number is here not good. 443 is the default port for https but if you only forward you do not use https. That might cause a confusion when it comes to websocket name as https uses wss which would be wrong and will not work. Just a guess. Mobile stuff is unfortunately hard to debug as you can not see web debug tools easily to analyse it in more detail. 
  • Are you indicating that I do not need to forward the port if using https? Do you have another port recommendation? When I remove port forwarding it does not work over web.

    I followed your nigx instructions perfectly and find it extremely odd that it works on my laptop, but not mobile when accessed through https. 
  • Further update, when I forward port 80 and access from the web via mobile it works without issue. My guess is the untrusted certificate is giving my iPhone issues.



  • Ok, so I was right that it was using https even more then I thought. You need to add the certificate to your certificate store so it is trusted. Then you get no questions and connection should work. But server does not support https directly only over a proxy so you need to check what I first said - that the proxy also forwards wss as websocket as described in our docs for nginx.
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