LOSING STEPS on core xy with nema 23 3 amp and driver 2DM542

I just made a printer core xy with nema 23 3 amp and driver used 2dm542 on X/Y axes
Firmware repetier with configuration tool from website
After many settings on my driver printer still lose steps  in middle of printing and I don't understand why
Steppers are 3 amp , when i print  I don't pass over 80 mm/s on travel speed and 40 on printing


  • It might depend on signal timing. By default there is no extra wait to prolong high/low signals. Some drivers, especially for bigger motors need longer pulse length. Please check your stepper chipset description. In config you can add extra waits to fullfill any timing behaviour if that is the case. On a 8 bit board normal high signal is 1.5-2us.
  • ok, you right
    I got ramps 1.4 8 bit 

    on my controller controller say:
    t1 - time spend to activate enable pin
    t2 - after dir is activate is time till begin pulse on motor steps
    t3, t4, pulse time (pulse on pulse off)

    a. t1: ENA must be ahead of DIR by at least 5μs. Usually, ENA+ and
    ENA- are NC (not connected).
    b. t2: DIR must be ahead of PUL active edge by 6μs to ensure correct
    c. t3: Pulse width not less than 2.5μs;
    d. t4: Low level width not less than 2.5μs.

    I already got a look in configuration tool of repetier firmware and i rely don't figure out where must change something to add that extra time

    can explain me how to do it or which parameter must be change to have a good result please
    thank you

  • In general set mode to expert mode or you will not see the options. Options are in mechanics tab.
    Delay stepper high signalSTEPPER_HIGH_DELAY
    [microseconds] Needed for gantry systems and due boards.
    Delay stepper direction signalDIRECTION_DELAY
    [microseconds] Needed only for slow stepper drivers.

    are the fields you most likely need. Start with 1us as you get the extra delay from running code anyway. If you still loose steps increase to 2. Higher values reduce firmware speed so do never add more then required.

  • I just arrived at 
    Delay stepper high signal - 3
    Delay stepper direction signal - 6 
    and happened the same thing -  in the middle of printing just move with half of peace distance in one direction and broke my print

    steppers are 57BYGH115-003B WANTAI (3A 425 oz 3Nm)
    driver 2DM542
    power supply 36V
    ramps 1.4 arduino
    i arrived on some conclusions setting amps for steppers because I got hi temp on steppers after 10 minutes working and also loosing more steps
    i set amps on driver to 1.46 Amps but don't look logic what I'm done

  • Some more hints for loosing steps that can also be the reason:
    - Crosstalk to endstops. Disable endstop testing during print to rule this out.
    - Overheat protection of drivers

    The timing is only one possible reason that came in mind with big drivers and as you said it in deed wants longer high signals. But might not be the only problem.
  • new settingsafter m0re research:

    look ok now
    steppers look warm but around 40 degree after 2 hour printing
    I still don't find Overheat protection of drivers

    thank you guys for help !
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