CoreXY and steps/mm

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Does the current implementation of Repetier Firmware (version 1.0.2) still need doubled steps/mm for X and Y axis when using a CoreXY gantry system?


  • If you have enabled fast corexy not, otherwise yes.
  • Mhh I can't find this option in the Firmware Configuration Tool. Where is and what does it do when enabled or disabled?

    I guess when it's not in the config tool then it count's as disabled?
  • It's not available in config tool. You need to add it in manual additions.

    Normal core xy implementation needs 2 virtual steps for a motor step to guarantee
    that every tiny move gets maximum one step regardless of direction. This can cost
    some speed, so alternatively you can activate the FAST_COREXYZ by uncommenting
    the define. This solves the core movements as nonlinear movements like done for
    deltas but without the complicated transformations. Since transformations are still
    linear you can reduce delta computations per second to 10 and also use 10
    subsegments instead of 20 to reduce memory usage.
    #define FAST_COREXYZ

    This activates nonlinear mode like for deltas so these settings take effecta s well (not delta specific). So select delta and set subsegments to 10 and updates per second to 10 and then switch back to corexy.
  • Thanks a lot. I will try that.
  • Do I understand this correctly: Do I have to switch the FW to Delta, then back to CoreXY?
  • Yes, as that is th eonly way to set substeps per move to 10 and also updates per second to 10 instead of 180. We do not need that much as it is still linear and not nonlinear as with deltas.
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